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Singer Serger
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Singer Serger

Take your sewing skill to the next stage with a Singer Serger sewing machine. If your sewing passion is more than just a hobby and you are setting out to make garments you and your family can wear with pride, consider adding a Singer Serger sewing machine to your arsenal of sewing tools. While the Singer Serger cannot replace a standard sewing machine, it can give your projects a professional finish. Singer Sergers are efficient in that they sew seams and trim the excess fabric in one step. They even use up to five thread strands to provide sturdy seams. Singer Serger

The Sew Shop
can show you how a Singer Serger will improve your sewing process and make more professional looking garments without losing that unique creativity we love about homemade sewing projects.

At the Sew Shop, we carry the following Singer Sergers:
  • Singer Serger/Overlock 14J334
  • Singer Serger/Overlock 14SH654 Finishing Touch™
  • Singer Serger/Overlock 14CG754 Commercial Grade

Go to our Singer Serger page for more detailed information.

Singer Serger Repairs at the Sew Shop

Once you begin finishing your projects on a Singer Serger, you will wonder how you ever finished your sewing projects without it. In fact, should your Singer Serger require service, using your existing sewing machine to complete the tasks of a serger will prolong the completion of your project. With the Sew Shop's Singer Serger repair services, you don't have to slow down your sewing groove. Bring in your Singer Serger to any one of our locations or if you live out of the area, feel welcome to ship it to us for repairs. The Sew Shop is one of only six factory authorized warranty stations in the nation, so you can trust us to restore your Singer Serger to like-new condition.

Read more about our sewing machine repair services from our Sewing Machine Parts, Repairs and Services page.

Protect your Singer Serger with sewing furniture designed to provide a work station and storage for your Singer Serger sewing machine.

Making the kitchen counter or kitchen table your own makeshift sewing table can be difficult when it comes time to use those surfaces for their originally intended purpose. Even a traditional desk will not give you the sturdy work surface, a sewing machine in motion requires.

The Sew Shop carries the following sewing machine cabinet brands:
  • Arrow Sewing Cabinets
  • Kangeroo Kabinets
  • Koala Sewing Cabinets

For those instances when you have to take your Singer Serger on the road, the Sew Shop also offers Singer carrying cases and Blue Fig sewing machine bags.
Read more about our sewing machine furniture on our Sewing Machine Furniture page.

Visit one of our local sewing centers or contact the Sew Shop at 888-873-9822 to find out how a Singer Serger can make your sewing life much easier. For our online customers we offer free shipping on all Singer Serger purchases. Call us or email us using the convenient contact form below.

Read more about our Singer machine product line and our Singer sewing parts.

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